"This girl has a nonpareil idea of music.”---Prof. Fischenschlag, the famous violin tutor in Austrian University of Vienna, has spoken highly of her after the Salzburg masterclass.

  "You have a highest gift of music." --Prof. Sassmanshass, the famous violin educator of Music Department of Cincinnati University, has given such an evaluation to her.

  “Your wonderful tone let me like your nice music a lot” Prof. Bron ,the professor from Cologne university for music,the famous violin teacher.

  This girl -Haoyue Liao , who was born in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China.She was admitted by the Music Department of Huazhong Normal University in 2002 with the high honor prize of school, and studied from Prof. Pen Shuzhi. In 2004, she enrolled in Graz Music University and became a student of Prof. Maighread Maccrann ,first concertmaster from Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 2008, she got bachelor degree and after that was in high favor with Stephan Goerner for further master study-chamber music in master program in Graz Music University and with Prof. Harald Herzl for the violin Solo performance and Salzburg Mozateum Music University at the same time.After 2011 getting master degree of chamber music ,she continuesly worked for solo performance as first important points for master study ,in 2013 with the highest honor”excellent” finished her study in Salzburg.

  At school, she has consecutively won four annual scholarships of Graz Music University and the annual scholarship of Salzburg Music University with honor, and participated in the international music performance in many countries such as the United States, Israel, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Cyprus, Italy and Austria, etc., mainly performing chamber music and solo.


  In 2007 TRENTA FORUM which was sponsored by Vienna Philharmonic for outstanding young musicians, she had her first solo performance in the Vienna music union Association (the Golden Hall of Vienna). Later, she was invited in 2008,2009 o again by Vienna Philharmonic to perform in well-known Salzburg Music Festival after Attergau festival. In 2008, she successfully held a solo concert in Wu Han city, and was invited to be the instructor in MAYO. She has performed with many orchestras such as the Walzer Phlihamonie Wien, the Sound of Music Orchestra of Vienna, and Spanish Palencia City Orchestra and so on, and also performed in many famous theaters like Beijing Concert Hall, Beijing Poly Theater, Czech Opera House, the House of Concert Vienna , the Vienna music union Association, Munich Opera House and Dresden Opera House, etc. She has been awarded the “Matured/ excellent musician” in Italian IBLA, and has won the second prize of Young Talents in Italian IMPERIA, the international music contest, the forth prize in international instrumental contest. In 2011, she has awarded an honor of “the best presentation of performance” chosen by the audience in the closing music festival of MORITZBURG in Dresden. In 2011 and 2012 as the solist together with Wien Klang sinfonietta made tours more than 10 cities in China.

  With the honor she was received to be the members of Prof. Zakhar Bron--the most famous violin teacher’s solist chamber orchestra in 2013 ,and just begin her professional career as the associated concertmaster in Guiyang symphony orchestra in China Haoyue played currently the violin which is supported from munich radio symphony orchestra Ex-concertmaster Juliu Bertok.

  “Music is life”---this idea is her constant power in the road of pursuit of music. Her musical goal is to convey the most natural sound to all of people by the violin, “the queen of instrumental kingdom”. To reach this goal, she will make tireless efforts.